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February 2016


Servicing the NYC Metro Area

(NJ Transit Bus 190 from Port Authority, Gate 223, a 20 minute ride)
MontClair Metaphysical & Healing Center
16 Park Ave, #302, Rutherford, NJ 07070

973-866-0192 office
973-647-4841 cell

**By appointment or as per the class schedule**

Lee Van Zyl:
“It is my philosophy that this information is available to all, and I believe in transferring this knowledge as succinctly and as rapidly as possible, at a price that all can afford. I do not support the transfer of this knowledge in various levels over an extended period of time, by making students wait needlessly to further their development and essentially hampering them, but rather giving them all the information and then let each student continue on their path and further development at their own pace. To help facilitate this, we offer ongoing practice and development circles and professional development at the MontClair Psychic School.”

This school was founded by South African Teaching Medium, Lee Van Zyl. Lee, a litigation lawyer from South Africa, now lives and works in the NYC Metro Area as a psychic, medium, pranic healer, reiki master, spirit rescue trance medium, traditional healer, clinical hypnotist and teacher. Using her public speaking skills, she is a natural teacher and motivator and with help from the Spirit World, found that she was able to flip the switch in people and help them to unfold psychically and mediumistically at an accelerated pace.

In 2008, under the guidance of shaman and healer Jovita Wallace, founder of Being In Balance in Nutley, NJ and Australian Teaching Medium, Audrey Willey, she founded the Psychic & Mediumship Development Group of New Jersey and the New York Metaphysical Group. She started her accelerated programs teaching psychic and mediumstic skills, channeling, trance and card reading. After doing a stint as the director of Mediumship at Nutley, and teaching primarily in Manhattan , she moved the school to Montclair at the MontClair Metaphysical & Healing Center LLC, that she founded.  In April 2012, the Center expanded to a location within easy reach of Manhattan and now incorporates the Psychic School and Reiki North East. This Center is now a dedicated place of teaching, healing and spiritual expansion.

The Montclair Psychic School has become wildly successful and renowned for its accelerated development courses and ongoing professional development for its students. The mediumship development circles are consistently fully booked and have a waiting list. The school also offers a comprehensive energy healing course teaching healers advance scanning techniques. These courses have been supported and attended by medical doctors, psychotherapists, business people, law enforcement, fire fighters & lawyers. Our students are from all walks of life and from all over the world and is conveniently located to NYC.


Lee has enhanced her teaching skills by taking teacher training  at the Woodlands Sanctuary Foundation in Australia and The Arthur Findlay College in the UK. She has been tested and certified as a psychic medium by Lisa Williams at the LW-ISSD.   She is an international teaching medium and healer. The basis of her teaching is one of mentorship training.  Many working mediums, psychics, healers and metaphysical teachers started out with Lee and still have an ongoing relationship with the school.


We welcome you to the Montclair Psychic School and we are thrilled to accompany you on this part of your journey. Please see the class descriptions development and training this year and the calendar for dates and registrations.


We are located next to Bank of America, accross the road from the Rutherford Train Station and opposite the bus stop.


**You can register for the individual classes that are posted on the monthly calendar by clicking on the event and using the paypal button and your credit card.  Free financing is available through paypal**